Pex Organizer

The Pex Organizer

When it comes to installing Pex tubing, the Pex Organizer* gives you a clear and simple way to identify the specific use of the tube and communicate that use instantly or for future reference on the job site. Simply insert the same numbered peg into each end of the tube then describe the use next to the corresponding number on the provided reference sheet. The Pex organizer is a neat and professional way to relay information to everyone involved. When you are ready to make your Pex connections extract the peg which can then be attached to the tube using the peg clip. When your job is completed the Pex Organizer provides you and the homeowner with a complete labeled pex plumbing system.

Get the professional and easy to use Pex Organizer.  Available at your participating wholesaler. Download the brochure.

*Patent Pending

Part # Size Color Packaged
195-C-B 3/8″ Blue 1
195-C-R 3/8″ Red 1
195-D-B 1/2″ Blue 1
195-D-R 1/2″ Red 1