Grip Right Device


-Grips pipes automatically

-Allows pipes to be moved and repositioned

-Holds pipe straight even with applied pressures from below

-Keeps pipe stub from falling through to next floor

-Works with ¼” underlayment and concrete board

-Stops banging pipes

-Eliminates need for Pex 90’s

-Works with ½” Copper, CPVC, and Pex water pipes

-Can be used as the escutcheon

Option 1

Push your water line stub (1/2” copper, cpvc, pex, 12”-24” long) into the Grip Right device. Drop the water line with the attached Grip Right device into a 1” diameter hole.

Option 2

Drop the Grip Right device into a hole without a pipe. Fasten the Grip Right Device to the floor. You can insert water line from the top or bottom knowing the pipe will be held true and straight.